I can’t believe how great you make me feel!

I feel like when

I’m with you all

I can do is have a great time!

With guys I’m shy and I can’t be myself!

With you I am myself!

The thing is you see me for me!

You have no clue how great you make me feel!

All I can say is I hope I am returning the favor!

You make me laugh, smile, and feel beautiful….

How can you do all that, you, a guy?

No guy can possibly be this great.

It’s almost like it’s too good to be true!

I feel like I’m stuck inside of a great dream.

I’m waiting to be pinched,

so I can wake up and come to reality.

But when I talk or I’m with you it’s real

you are real this is real.

You take my jokes and I take yours!

How can you be so great????……….

Thanks for making me so great

That’s why i really appreciate your presence with me


 (ernizah) ❤