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The Best Feeling ♥

(ernizah) ❤


Best Friend :)


A best friend is someone knows every little thing about u & the bad stuffs but doesn’t judge’s person who hugs u tight when she/he sees those tear that are about to come out. Someone who never leaves you even if everyone wasn’t there for you. Whose there for u no matter what. Who answers your calls even if u calls at 3:00 in the morning. A person who u can tell anything. Stays up with u all night until you’re not scared to go to sleep. A person who knows when ur faking a smile even if everyone else doesn’t see it cause your hiding it with a fake smile. Whose there beside u when a b*t*h tries u.

A best friend is someone whose always on your side, who beats the crap out of that a**hole who broke your heart…….:)that a real friend, A sister<3

(Ernizah) ❤