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The Best Feeling ♥

(ernizah) ❤


Kiss ♥

when I kiss you in the forehead that mean I respect you before loving you

(ernizah) ❤

Girl <3

Dance girl, dance.
As if your life depended on it.

Sing girl, sing.
Let the universe know your song.

Paint girl, paint.
Give the world back its color.

Write girl, write.
Bring imagination back to the people.

Smile girl, smile.
Make those around you happy.

Cry girl, cry.
Shed your pain and let it be free.

Laugh girl, laugh.
Let those around you know your joy.

Walk girl, walk.
Experience the life that’s around you.

Jump girl, jump.
Bring back life to the Earth.

Spin girl, spin.
Make the world go round.

Live girl, live.
‘Cause this may be the only chance you get.

Dont Wait me :)

Don’t wait for time. Make it.
Don’t wait for love. Feel it.
Don’t wait for money. Earn it.
Don’t wait for the path. Find it.
Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.
Don’t go for less. Get the best.
Don’t compare. Be unique.
Don’t fight your misfortune. Transform it.
Don’t avoid failure. Use it.
Don’t dwell on mistake. Learn from it.
Don’t back down. Go around.
Don’t close your eyes. Open your mind.
Don’t run for life. Embrace it.

 ( ernizah ) ❤


A boyfriend should treat you like a girlfriend, not like a princess. Stop expecting so much from guys and maybe you won’t be disappointed

(ernizah) ❤

First Love

You are not my first love but you’re unmistakeably my first guy i ever loved. And now every guy I am with for the rest of my life will be compared to you. #Anotherstoryanotherlife:)

(ernizah) ❤

Love Bulb

Lighting up the place with warmth and grace, this fire burns through lost love and desire.
Staring at the flames, I begin to see how I wasn’t meant for so much beauty, that I’m the one to blame.
As the smoke rises away, I realized; it’s all my fault that we parted ways.
But in the end, let the ashes bring something new, for me and to you

(ernizah) ❤