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A boyfriend should treat you like a girlfriend, not like a princess. Stop expecting so much from guys and maybe you won’t be disappointed

(ernizah) ❤


First Love

You are not my first love but you’re unmistakeably my first guy i ever loved. And now every guy I am with for the rest of my life will be compared to you. #Anotherstoryanotherlife:)

(ernizah) ❤

Love Bulb

Lighting up the place with warmth and grace, this fire burns through lost love and desire.
Staring at the flames, I begin to see how I wasn’t meant for so much beauty, that I’m the one to blame.
As the smoke rises away, I realized; it’s all my fault that we parted ways.
But in the end, let the ashes bring something new, for me and to you

(ernizah) ❤

my mind think :)