There’s a girl who apologizes a lot. She never truly understands why, but is always truly sorry…even if she had nothing to do with it. There’s a girl who makes stupid decisions not because she really is a weird, but just because that the way she is. There’s a girl who cares with all of her heart for people she knows can’t or won’t care about her in the same way. There’s a girl who is probably way too trusting, but understands that everyone deserves a chance. No matter their past. There’s a girl who wants a guy to know that words are just words but what he’s done for her she can never repay or express. There’s this girl who said she wanted to just be friends because she doesn’t want to lose him-her best friend-because she cant stand anymore heartbreak. if he’s reading this just know that this girl is thankful and sorry, and she will never stop caring about him, no matter how complicated life gets. ❤

(ernizah) ❤