Blogging for a Good Book

Babette from Outreach Services loves reading about other countries and cultures. Today she reviews a novel by a first-time author who was raised in Toronto by parents who emigrated from Mumbai:

This is a thought-provoking book that explores the joys and heartaches of parenting through the story of two families living disparate lives.

A baby girl is born to a family of little means in a remote village in India, in a culture where boys are the preferred gender. The infant’s mother, in order to save her baby’s life, makes the heart-wrenching and selfless decision to secretly relinquish her daughter to an adoption agency in Bombay.  This child’s lot in life is drastically changed when she is adopted by a childless couple from California. The child’s new parents, both physicians,  have the means and education to give their daughter all the opportunities and luxuries that money can buy. The novel follows the…

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