Piano Lessons with Hannah Greiner in Toronto

What do you do when your piano keys (the top plastic part) becomes chipped or broken over years of use ? Or how difficult would it be to fix broken key tops on a used piano that you plan to purchase?

What you will need:

-Replacement plastic keytops (if your keys are ivory, you may be lucky enough to find ivory keytops from old pianos, but this is rare since the use of ivory for piano keytops is banned).  You can easily find plastic keytops at Ebay.

-PVCE glue (keytop glue available online)

-A heat gun (here’s a heavy duty one, and here’s one I had for craft projects)

-razor blade (from a utility knife)
Step 1: remove all the pieces of the piano, until you can easily remove the keys


Step 2: remove the chipped keys.  Make sure you know which number the key is…

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