signs of Stockholm

Long before the electric subway of today, Stockholm got its first underground rail track under Södermalm in 1933. That’s when the emblematic logo, the blue T found its form, although inverted. This informative sign, found on the south side of Sankt Eriksplan, uses the “The New Sign Alphabet” originally drawn by Stig-Åke Möller, especially for the subway in 1955. The elegant G, the slanting stems of the M and the small circle over Å are all among the great traits in these capitals. The formal layout with the justified column have unfortunately left “S:T” all alone, even closer to “Station” than to “Eriksplan”. Despite this, it’s one of the most beautiful subway signs in the city and this tunnel entrance should be a part of any sign protection plan of the City. / S:t Eriksplan

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