A Journal by Nirmalayani

Last few days I was busy with several projects related to the production of clothing (garments). Almost every day, I had to visit several places to browse some fabrics and other materials. To run this tight schedule with lot of activities, I have to chose and wear the right and comfortable clothes, so that I able to move freely.

And here one of my favorite combination that I used to wear when I have to go to the fabric shops/markets or worked in a factory :

Note :

1) Lace shirt. Lace shirt is one of my favorite tops, because it’s very light, look effortless with its simple cuts.

2) Cropped shorts.  I always love to wear a shorts anytime anywhere I go. I live in tropical island and shorts is a must.  

3) Tribal printed tote bag. I like tribal printed fabric very much, this one is a…

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