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With the evolution of technology, staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, colors and styles is easy.  There are many websites to choose from.  There are two that I’ll highlight below.  However, today’s topic is more about “Can I wear that?”

We’ve all been there, trying outfit after outfit on, completely unsure if it works. Thoughts running through our mind like a checklist: do the colors work, do they go together, is it too short, is it too long, is it too tight, am I too old to wear this, does this wash me out?

I’m often asked how to wear bold colors and if I have any suggestions. First things first, it’s always important to find pieces that compliment your body shape and comfortablilty.  You’re looking for pieces that are flattering to your figure and really accentuate the positives.  After all, we want to give them something to talk about, right?

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