Wedding Dressssss ❤

erin + audrey

Now I’m not trying to brag or anything… but I seriously found the most amazing dress on my FIRST and ONLY day of wedding dress shopping. Yes, that’s right. One of the most indecisive people I’ve ever known (ME!) was able to decide on a wedding dress. Not only that but we got a killer deal… I was surprised to find out when I arrived that I scheduled during their sale time (making room for Fall dresses) so I was able to find my dream dress for far less than I thought it would be. It’s amazing. I can’t say too much because Erin really doesn’t want to know anything about it. I felt like Lady Gaga and completely know how it feels to be surrounded by paparazzi because my mom was taking a thousand photos with this massive camera. BUT… I didn’t complain too much because I knew this…

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