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2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon revealed that he recently sent a demo version of his own written song to a company.

On June 25, Taec Yeon posted on his Twitter, “I sent a demo of my song to the company for the first time. I will be sending more from now on, but I really hope that mine gets chosen.”

Taec Yeon steadily posted on his Twitter that he is working on writing songs. His Twitter profile reads, “A member of 2PM, and I am currently writing songs.” Not only that, Taec Yeon sent Lim Seul Ong a message saying, “Hurry up and write the lyrics for my song.”

Netizens commented: “Everything will turn out fine for Taec Yeon.” “I want to listen to the song he composed.” “I’m already curious.” “JYP please select his song.”


2PM’s Ok Taecyeon mengungkapkan bahwa ia mengirimkan sebuah demo lagu yang ditulis oleh…

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