HEY ! you look Gorge ❤

One Mind, Two Coasts


If you’re in the Northeast like me, you know how ungodly ridiculously hot and humid it has been lately. I’m talking 100F and 137% humidity disgustingness. So it is a struggle to figure out what to wear, especially on a day off when you plan on schlepping all over NJ and Manhattan to spend your whole paycheck at various sales (*read more about said sales at the end if you’re in or around NYC).

Basically, I had to figure out how to turn short yoga pants and a cotton tank into an outfit. The solution? Open toed flats instead of flip flops, bold jewelry, red lips, and messy hair piled on top of my head. I have a feeling that if the weather stays like this, I’m going to be wearing a sock bun from now until mid September.

How are you girls dealing with the heat?



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