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The Beauty Dispensary

Ah hand creams, the little joys of life. They come in all shapes, sizes, fragrances & consistencies. Some are specialised to deal with age spots, loss of elasticity or whiz bang top of the line ingredients and some you just buy for the sheer cuteness of them. Yep this one was the latter!

Etude House Say:

Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet…

I really want to see you… I miss you!

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Bee Happy! Formulated with natural mixture of herb, Honey and floral fragrance to moisturize, heal and sooth hands.

Pear shaped container features one of four available endangered or near endangered animal friends:

1. Queen Bee (Rose Flavor)

2. Honey Bee (Acasia Tea Flavor)

3. Lady Beetle (Marronnier Flavor)

4. Larva (Citrus Baby Powder Flavor)

Hi~ I am Queen Bee
I rule the worker bees lay eggs and make…

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